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Health and Safety

Our Health office is equipped to provide basic medical care and is staffed by one nurse/first aid specialist. Our nurse/first aid specialist provides first aid care, dispenses medication, and assesses injuries and illness to see if outside care is required. The health office also houses emergency equipment such as an AED.

Should a camper require emergency medical attention that our health office cannot provide we will contact emergency medical services. 

In case of illness or injury, a camper’s parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified as soon as reasonably possible depending upon the situation.

Our nurse/first aid specialist will work with the families of campers who require medication during camp hours. Please write all medication instructions on the enrollment application. 

When sending medication to Kateri Day Camp:
All medication must be sent to camp in its original prescription bottle with the camper’s name printed on the label. An astma plan must be received for each camper requiring an inhaler at camp. 

Medication cannot be expired. 

When sending medication to camp please place the original prescription bottle in a zip top plastic bag with the camper’s name printed. Bus monitors will collect all medication from you as your camper loads the bus.


Kateri Day Camp helps ensure the health and safety of all its campers.