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Daily Schedules

At Kateri Day Camp campers are divided into groups according to their age and gender. This allows us to customize activities for each group.

Each group is led by two adult Counselors. Junior Counselors are available to assist where they are needed.

Group Counselors greet the buses each morning, take attendance, gather the group for flag time, serve and participate in all meals, maintain a positive and respectful environment within the group throughout the day, keep the daily schedule by escorting and participating in scheduled activities, and ensure that all campers are safely on their buses for the ride home. 

Activities are organized by an Activities Specialist. Specialists are chosen for their skill in the field they will be teaching and for their creativity and enthusiasm for camp.

Swim time is coveted here at Kateri! All campers take Swim Lessons each morning.  During lessons our American Red Cross certified lifeguards will instruct all swimming abilities. Camp groups are divided into smaller groups for swim instruction. All campers have the opportunity to get in the pool every afternoon for free swim. Free swim is a time to cool off, have fun and practice newly learned swim skills.

Summer is a time of joy and freedom.  Keeping this in mind, ourschedule may vary due to a trip, special event, an unexpected surprise or even a rain storm.  Each group receives their own schedules.


8:30 Welcome
8:45 Flag Raising Ceremony and Daily News
9:00-9:30 Breakfast
9:40-10:20 Activity or Swim Lessons
10:30-11:10 Activity or Swim Lessons
11:20-12:00 Activity or Swim Lessons
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:50-1:20 Activity or Free Swim
1:20-1:50 Activity or Free Swim
1:50-2:20 Activity or Free Swim
2:30-2:45 Snack
2:45 Flag Ceremony                                                                                          3:00 Bus Dismissal