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At Kateri Day Camp, we believe in the GREATNESS of every camper!  We believe that every moment is a moment to create success.  Together we will promote kindness, responsibility, honesty and cooperation.   Campers and Staff are expected to be kind, respectful, and follow the rules. 

If a camper is having difficulty following camp rules and behavioral expectations:

  1. Group counselors, who have been trained to handle basic behavior issues, will positively redirect the camper’s behavior.  The incident will be noted.
  2. If the behavior continues, the Behavior Specialist or a Unit Leader will intervene.  The camper will be given a time out and the opportunity to return to the activity.  The incident will be noted and parent or guardian may receive a phone call. 
  3. If behavior does not improve the Behavior Specialist and the camper will place a call to the parent or guardian.  At this time the camper may receive a day out of camp. The Behavior Specialist and Camp Director will monitor the camper for any further behavior issues.  
  4. If the camper cannot follow basic rules of safety and respect he/she will be asked not to return to Kateri Day Camp.

"Together we promote kindness, responsibility, honesty and cooperation."

Karen Stackhouse,
Kateri Camp Director